As you might have guessed, a buffalo burger is indeed a burger. It isn’t made from beef or chicken like your everyday burgers. Buffalo burgers are actually made from real bison. These unique burgers have been declared to be sweeter and more tender than other normal burgers. However, there is a lot about buffalo burgers that not everyone knows.

Buffalo Meat

Surely, you have never even thought about eating buffalo meat. Surprisingly, buffalo meat is actually extremely healthy for you. For many years, it was a primary source of meat for Native Americans. It wasn’t until the late 1800s when millions of buffalo were hunted and slaughtered nearly causing their extinction before buffalo meat was no longer considered a reliable source of food. Since the age of modern America, buffalo have been raised on farms on private ranches. Today, the number of buffalo has increased to almost one-fourth of a million.

According to nutritionists, buffalo meat is much healthier for the body compared to meats like chicken and beef. When compared to burgers made of beef, buffalo burgers were found to contain close to 70% to 90% less fat. Additionally, buffalo burgers have a much lower risk of causing cholesterol issues because it has about 50% less cholesterol than that of a beef burger. Buffalo burgers are high in protein, iron, and all omega and amino acids because it is a lean meat. Lean meats are healthy because they have less fat.

Preparation of Buffalo Burgers

All the way from the ranch to the stove top, buffalo are prepared in the healthiest of manners. Buffalo are usually raised on an open grassland ranch. Unlike certain farm animals like sheep and beef, buffalo don’t defecate in the same place they drink water. Buffalo seem to be much smarter than that. Plus, buffalo are fed with natural feed, as opposed to manufactured feed.

Buffalo have similar muscles compared to cows, so the cuts are the same as beef. For example, anyone who wants buffalo meat can have it in the same form as any type of beef. This includes steaks and burgers. Buffalo meat usually cooks considerably faster than beef because it has a lower level of fat. Other than faster cooking time, buffalo meat and beef are cooked the same way.

For most, they will describe buffalo meat as a sweeter and richer quality of meat. Buffalo burgers have higher levels of vitamins and minerals compared to that of a beef burger. This means that buffalo burgers taste better and they are healthier.

Buffalo Burgers

Buffalo meat itself is higher in nutrients than beef. Buffalo burgers are a delicious way to make a healthy change to your body. Now that buffalo is no longer considered an endangered species, it is safe to eat without further endangering the species. As it was once a reliable and primary source of food, buffalo has always been healthy for people. If you have never had a buffalo burger, then you should really consider making a healthy decision by trying one out. So, what are you waiting for? Try a buffalo burger today!